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JULY 8-11 $75

crossroads church lafayette, LA

$25 Deposit and online app/recommendation form need to be turned in by end of day July 4th. 

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Charlie Allo

District Youth Director

Jack Osteen

Lead Pastor,  Leesville First AG

Elizabeth Garcia Smith

Co-Pastor  House of Prayer Church

Lee Weatherly



Speakers Include:
Dr. Scott Holmes, Charlie Allo, Dr. Elizabeth Garcia-Smith, Josh Salter, Jeff Ables, Matthew Ackman, Paul & Michelle Jaqua, Brenda Viator, Miranda Taylor, Ben Smaltz, Alexis Johnson, Dylan King, John David & Tiffany Warren, Zach & Haley Licciardi



What is it?


young: having only existed for a short time

minister: to attend to the needs of someone

institute: an organization with a common factor


YMI is a week of intensive discipleship where an organization with a common factor (Jesus) made up of young adults get together to learn how to best attend to the spiritual needs of the people put in their path.


At YMI, we believe that we are not called to one thing or one career, we are called to obey and love Jesus. YMI reinforces that belief by offering a variety of speakers from different backgrounds living out their faith in different walks of life.


When and where is it?


YMI dates for 2021 are July 8-11. YMI will be hosted by Crossroads Church in Lafayette, Louisiana.


Who is it for?


YMI is for students who feel called to ministry! Students between the ages of 15-19 are able to apply to YMI. YMI applicants come prepared for serious spiritual growth, knowing they will be pushed spiritually, mentally, and physically. (“Physically” because students are asked to seriously consider fasting one meal during their time at YMI.)


How much does it cost and when is it due?


YMI costs $75 to attend, and the (separate) registration fee is $25. Applications are due July 1, 2021. We encourage students to apply ASAP. Spots are limited and expected to fill up quickly.


What does a typical day at YMI look like?


The exact schedule changes by year, but for the most part, here’s what you can expect:


8:00 Breakfast

8:45 Individual Quiet Time

9:00 Classes

11:00 Lunch

12:00 Classes

4:00 Free Time

5:00 Cleanup

6:00 Supper

7:00 Night Service

TBA Small Groups, Showers, Lights Out


Students might sit through as many as four classes in one day, depending on scheduling. Class topics in the past have included such things as prayer, introduction to exegesis, hearing from God, missions, and journaling. Giving a speaker your undivided attention for an extended period of time can be draining, so breaks are also scheduled into the day. Students are placed in a small group and meet with these same students and leader throughout the day. This provides greater opportunity to process, hear feedback from different perspectives, connect, and grow.


Why should I apply?


You should apply to YMI if any of the following statements are true for you:


+ I would like to grow in my relationship with Jesus.

+ I would like to learn more about what it looks like to live like Jesus.

+ I would like to connect with other people my age who are pursuing Jesus.

+ I would like to learn about different types of ministries: full-time, bi-vocational, day-to-day, worship, teaching, serving, missions, etc.



I have more questions...

You can send your questions to! We’d be happy to explain anything

that we did not cover here or clarify what may not be as clear as you’d like.


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