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What is the Louisiana School of Ministry?


Equipping, Enriching, Engaging


The Louisiana School of Ministry (LASOM) is the Louisiana Network’s sponsored and operated ministerial training program that enables persons to complete the educational requirements for credentialing with the Assemblies of God.  We provide a learning forum for laity interested in increasing biblical and doctrinal knowledge and developing ministry skills.  Not only does LASOM offer the courses required for obtaining ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God, but LASOM CEU (Continuing Education Units) courses include several tracks designed to take the learning into deeper areas of study based on ministry and interest. LASOM is an affordable ministry training option that provides live interaction with caring instructors,
allowing time and opportunity to ask questions and gain clear, culturally-relevant answers that make sense. Additional information including course schedule, faculty and staff, and registration can be found to the left of this page.  For more information, please email the LASOM Registrar at or call 318.445.6238.  Your call will be returned as soon as possible.


What can I expect when I come to class?


On nine Saturdays throughout the year classes are held at one of our 2 campuses. Students arrive Saturday morning, already having finished their individual study of the assigned textbook, including answering all the questions found on the text overview.  Following the opening orientation, the first class session will begin where the instructor will conduct a review of all the questions/answers on the text overview.  After a noon lunch, and brief study
time, the course test will be administered.  Following the exam, the second class session will take place. A passing grade of 70% or higher is achieved by combining scores from three key areas: 40% is based on the graded text overview, another 40% from the exam score, and the remaining 20%comes from class attendance. The day also includes great conversation, spontaneous prayer/study sessions, and the launching and continuation of quality ministry friendships.

Course Schedule/Catalog & Book List


The Course Schedule has the dates and locations of all classes with the instructor and book information. 



Student Policy Handbook

See student handbook below for policies regarding the Louisiana School of Ministry.

Student Policy HAndbook
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