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Are Ministerial Credentials in Your Future?

Thank you for your interest in exploring credentialing opportunities with the Assemblies of God.  This season of Kingdom expansion in Louisiana requires a growing force of gifted and committed laborers!


Credential Levels


Certificate of Ministry :

They shall show promise of usefulness in the Gospel work. They shall devote themselves to full or part time service to Christian ministry and, at the discretion of the Louisiana Network, may remain under the supervision of a pastor or a ministry coach or mentor. They shall show evidence of a divine call and be actively engaged in some aspect of ministry and proclamation of the Gospel, except in case of ill health or advanced age.

License :

Qualifications for this level of credential shall include clear evidence of a divine call, character and preparation suitable for that calling, practical ministry experience, and an evident purpose to devote one’s life in service to the proclamation of the Gospel.


Ordination :

Qualifications for ordination are outlined in the New Testament (I Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:7-9).

In addition:

  • Applicants must be 23 years of age or older.

  • They must have met all the requirements in making application and in completing the prescribed application form.

  • No person may be ordained to the ministry until he or she has shown evidence of a divine call and has held a ministry license and has been actively engaged in ministry and proclamation of the Gospel for at least two full consecutive years immediately prior thereto.




Applicants for ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God must be saved (new birth, born again), baptized in water and in the Spirit (with evidence of speaking in other tongues).

Education: All applicants must meet the appropriate educational requirements for the level of credentials being sought. Please refer to the educational options for further information.


Marriage History:

While history with divorce and remarriage does not disqualify from credentialing, it can be in certain cases. Please communicate with the Network Credential’s Office, (318) 445.6238 or, prior to starting the credentialing process for clarification in these areas .


Lifestyle Choices: All applicants must state a willingness to abstain from using tobacco, alcohol, illegal or recreational drugs in any form, and involvement with pornography or gambling. If you have a history of a bankruptcy, please contact Credentials Administrator, Brenda Viator at (318) 445.6238 or email


For more information about the credentials application process , please visit the

Credential Application Procedure page, email, or call (318) 445.6238.


Next Steps

*Reminder: if you and/or your spouse have had a previous divorce(s), please stop the process and contact our office immediately at  There is a separate interview process you must go through before continuing with credentials.

Submit Transcripts for Evaluation

LASOM: we can pull your certificates from your file, just let us know.

Berean/Global: request them to email a full subject list to

College/University: request an official transcript to be mailed to:


  Louisiana Network Ministry
  Attn: Credentialing
P.O.Box 346
Woodworth, LA 71485

Once you are within 2 courses we can begin the credential application process.

This is contingent on:

  • Courses/grades being submitted to office (you must notify office if LASOM courses have been complete).

  • Previous divorce(s) approved by General Council.

  • Bankruptcy previously approved.

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