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Thank you for checking out Louisiana StudentLife.


We intentionally strive to create an environment where students and student leaders receive opportunity to possess healthy relationships with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and one another. 


Our Mission is to create Strong Student and Kids Ministries that will produce Healthy Disciples of Christ.

Our Vision is to create programs and resources along 4 aims and 3 Emphases:

Our 4 Aims:


  We exist to connect students to possess a Biblical relationship with Jesus Christ.


  We exist to connect an accessible understanding and experience of our Pentecostal distinctive.


  We exist to connect authentic relationships among one another.


  We exist to connect intentional vision and opportunities with missions funding and going.

Our 3 Emphases:

God's Word.

We create environments, programs and resources that will foster sound Biblical Literacy and a Biblical Worldview that will be a foundation for their lives.

God's Spirit.

We create environments, programs and resources that will foster understanding and connection to the Spirit-filled expressions celebrated by our Pentecostal heritage and distinctive.

God's Mission.

We create environments, programs and resources that will foster the qualities of generosity, ethics, apologetics and God's calling available to each believer according the Misseo Dei of the Gospel.

I would love to get to know you further and see how we can resource you as a Student leader, student or parent so that together- we can realize what God desires for the NEXT GENERATION of Louisiana disciples of Christ.

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Student Life Event Calendar

StudentLIFE Events  


STL/BGMC Missions Tour  17-20 

Lead Pastors, Student and Kid Min Leaders Meeting



STL/BGMC Project: Weekend      12-13

National NextGen Conference  14-16

Orlando, FL

Next Gen Leader Summit North     19

Next Gen Leader Summit Soth        26


Fine Arts Student Festival             1-2

Location TBA


LEAD CONFERENCE                     25-26

Twin Lakes Camp / Alexandria Convention Center 


BGMC/STL Grand Club Night             6

Student and Kid Min Leaders 


Summer Camp #1                          12-16

Summer Camp #2                          19-23

Tween Camp                                   25-28

Kids Camp #1                            28-July 1



Kids Camp #2                                     3-7

Kids Camp # 3                                10-14

Called Camp (YMI)                        25-29




National Fine Arts                          4-8


PK MK Retreat                                    3-5


LA Next Gen Leader Retreat          5-7 

Fine Arts Kids                                      15


Influence Conference                   18-19


DUE DATE                                     15

Send in STL/BGMC to national office

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