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LEADER Care Planning Zooms

What are these Zoom Meetings?  A group of ministers actively discussing and planning how we can develop solutions over the next season. Two ministers facilitate and document conversations for next step planning and action steps for the District Team.

Teams and their Focus and Facilitators:

1.      Coaching solutions and guidance for personal health and growth. 

  •  Led by Tyler Gerfers and Bishop James Gordon

2.      Consulting for ministers with practical church needs. 

  •  Led by Jonathan Kinder and Jonathan Smith

3.      Mentoring for leaders in seasons of transition, change, and opposition.

  • Led by Matt Donley and Tim Miller

4.      Counseling solutions for ministers needing mental and soul health care.

  • Led by Mike Howell and Clint Jett

5.      Evaluation Systems of feedback to assess present and future ministry.

  • Led by Teresa Reiger and Tony Jones

6.      Systems of church-to-church resourcing. 

  • Led by Don Banks, Sr., and Alexx Hebert

7.      Pathways and Onramps for credentialing and training new leaders. 

  • Led by Robert Kratzer and Josh Salter

8.      Creating Culture that speaks mission, vision, and values. 

  • Led by Den Hussey  

9.      Best practices for churches regarding legal, financial, and administrative issues. 

  • Led by David Moseley and Woody Gunnels

10.   Prayer/accountability groups for our leaders to create spaces for deep relationships.

  • Led by Ben Comer and Bubba Warren


Pastoral Care Network: 

We are stronger together

Teams and their Focus and Facilitators:


One of the reasons we get into ministry is to be there for others:

● Make sure that people feel connected to the body of Christ

● We are available to them to be there when they have a need

● Reach out to God in prayer for them

● To be an example of faith for others to follow


Ministry leaders invest their entire lives into others -

● May not know if someone is there for them

● Wonder if anyone is praying for me?

● Who am I going to call when things aren’t going well?


Our leadership wants to make sure that every minister in our network knows that they are connected, that someone is available and that someone is praying for them.


Care Leaders do not replace the District Team— they represent and extend the serving arm more effectively.


a. Who can do this?

  • Anyone who has a heart to serve our Network ministers

  • Willing to attend the training seminar this fall. (more info to come)

b. What will these Care Leaders do?

  • Monthly connection with their care group (one of the following: Phone call - text message - email) 

  • Make yourself available to each person in your care group

  • Reach out to the Lord in prayer for each person in your care group

  • Be an example for leadership

  • Attend Network meetings, engage in Network events, and be an example of Christian leadership.

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