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High School Juniors  and Seniors

The Louisiana School of Ministry integrates spiritual formation, relationship building, and academic achievement providing a unique learning experience. You not only acquire the knowledge necessary for obtaining ministerial credentials, but also develop character and skills essential for effective ministry.

  •  Is not just a credentialing pipeline but leadership/discipleship development

  •  Can assist in identifying, defining and refining your calling

  •  Sharing and shaping the culture of our Network

  •  Development of leadership profile: Spirit-Empowered, Doctrinally Sound, Biblically Literate,

  • Locally Committed, Globally Engaged, Relationally Connected, Practically Equipped

  •  Affordable: attend 2 years tuition free, savings of $126

  •  Education Completion of 2 credential levels

  • Convenient: one Saturday a month @ 2 campuses

  • Manageable schedule and accountability to complete courses

  • Instruction from qualified, anointed leaders from within our Network

  • Connection opportunities with Network leaders, ministers and fellow students


Added Benefits:

Credentials: A student may qualify for Certified and/or Licensed credentials upon completion of each

level at LaSOM when they turn 18.

Every level of credential affords the minister the opportunity to serve in an official capacity within their

church body and/or among outside areas such as hospitals, jails. Credentialed ministers can officially

perform weddings, funerals.

As a credential holder, you belong to a family much bigger than your local church, both statewide and

nationally. The privilege of participating in the shaping of our fellowship and culture is afforded by the

ability to vote. Participation in sectional and district meetings creates a connection among other leaders,

opportunities to find mentors, network about needs to help fulfill the Mission, Vision, and Passion for

our State.

LaSOM is unique as a school of ministry in that it provides its students with the benefit of college

credit through its partnership with SAGU University and Bridges Christian College. This is available to

those who have completed all 3 levels of the program with transfer credit of up to 3 credits per level.