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Reinstatement of Credentials


Ministers seeking reinstatement should request a reinstatement packet from the Louisiana Network Office, and will subsequently be invited for an interview with a credentials interview committee. Those seeking reinstatement after seven or more years will be required to take an examination.

Excerpts from the General Council Bylaws regarding reinstatement are provided below:

  • Reinstatement of lapsed minister (GC Bylaws Article VII, Section 10.d.)
    Ministers whose renewal applications are not postmarked by January 15 shall be recorded as lapsed as of December 31. They must make application for reinstatement and pay a nonrefundable fee of $100. Contact the executive secretary’s office to request a reinstatement packet.

  • Reinstatement of other than dismissed minister (GC Bylaws Article VII, Section 10.e.)
    When a minister who is a member of our Fellowship is removed from our rolls for any cause, except failure to renew and dismissal, and shall apply for reinstatement, he or she shall not be eligible for reinstatement until at least 6 months have elapsed after his or her name has been stricken from our list of ministers. The application must be made in the district where the minister resides and be accompanied with a nonrefundable fee of $100. The minister shall seek a letter of clearance from the district that processed the termination (if other than Louisiana) and forward it to the Louisiana Network Office

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